Wheelchair Basketball Team



Wheelchair Basketball team in Sapporo city "Sapporo North Wind"

Currently, 14 players and staff aim to win by combining strength, and we work hard at training every day.


「 Do My Best !! 」


The team slogan "Do My Best!!" is a word to keep all of ourself out and not regret at all times. This is not only when you are playing basketball. it also has big meaning in individual life outside the court.

In Sapporo North Wind to train the importance of always doing the best through basketball and it's difficulty and the strength of the heart to penetrate it, not to win the game, as sell as to live life we will talk "Do My Best!"

  "Sapporo North Wind" is aiming for a team that can capture and share important things in life through Wheelchair Basketball including players,manegers and cheering teams.

   Recruitment players are looking for players who have a hot will to inquire about themselves,even inexperienced players, of couse,those who have experienced basketball. In addition,in Hokkaido in recent years, the number of games that healthy players with regardless of the presence or absence of failure can participate is increasing, so if you are interested with or without a disability, please visit and experience by all means.

   Even if you do not know how you can affect to the team, such as Manegers and Staff, it's O.K. if there is a hot will to do somthing.If that feeling is there, it will surely bring new possibilities to our team. We are looking for fellows with a hot will, regardless of age and gender, presence of disability, nationality. If you are intarested, please contact us or visit us right now!


Regular TRAINING date, time and place

  • Home Town      : SAPPORO City
  • Home Court     : Sapporo city Welfare facility for the physically-handicapped
  • Training Days   : TUE・FRI
  • Training Time   : 19:00~20:45 

    ※Detailed schedule of exercise and place. Here!


Home Court Access


Address     : 1-1 6chome 2jyou Nijyuyonken Nishiku Sapporo

Access       : TOZAI LINE「T04 Nijyuyonken」 1minute on foot

               JR BUS「Kotonieigyousho」  5minutes on foot

               JR BUS「Nijyuyonkenekimae」2minutes on foot